Unfortunately, a “root canal” is probably the most feared word in dentistry. Root canal therapy is one of the best things that we as dentists can provide for our patients because it can relieve a patient of severe pain.

Root canal therapy is indicated in teeth that are abscessed or are non-vital (the nerve has already died). During the process of root canal therapy, the inside of the root of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected.

The inside of the root is then sealed to prevent re-infection of the tooth. Sometimes a tooth that has previously been treated with root canal therapy will need to have the tooth cleaned and disinfected again.

This is referred to as a retreatment of the root canal. Not all teeth that have pain need root canal therapy.

If you have teeth that are painful or sensitive, please schedule an appointment to have them evaluated. With different tests, we can identify the source of the problem and help to prevent it from recurring.