Ashlee Brock

Ashlee from Eureka Dental Group

Meet Ashlee Brock

Ashlee is a jack of all trades. Not only is she our Office Manager, she is also an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and has 10 years in the dental field, including the past 8 where she has been Dr. Wehrmeister’s assistant. You will find her sitting at the front working on billing, insurance and a variety of odds and ends that helps keep us growing and our patients happy. She has years of experience assisting Dr. Wehrmeister with his implant procedures, wisdom teeth removal and other complicated cases. She loves talking teeth and is more then willing to help answer any questions you have about your oral health needs.

Ashlee lives in Lake St. Louis with her 3 children and husband. On her free time she can be found driving her oldest to Football Practices, buying cute clothes for her sweet little girl, and trying to keep her middle child from taking over the world.

She has a personality the size of Texas and a heart of gold. If you are Ashlee’s friend, it means you are her family. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, Ashlee will help you find the answer.