Cosmetic Dentist in Eureka, MO

Everybody wants to smile and everybody wants their smile to be beautiful. The reality is that not all teeth are created equal or perfect. Fortunately, we no longer have to put up with silver fillings, chipped teeth, gaps in between our teeth, uneven teeth or holes where teeth used to be.

At Eureka Dental Group, we consider all of our dental work to be cosmetic. We expect it to be not just functional, but beautiful as well. Many times, there are simple solutions to what may seem like a complex problem that you see in the mirror every time you smile.

We can close gaps in between teeth with white filling material that blends in with the teeth. We can smooth teeth and add filling material to chipped teeth. Old “white” fillings can turn yellow over the years, making the whole smile unattractive. Replacing the old “yellow” fillings with new white ones can brighten up the whole smile.

Veneers over the front teeth can give you that movie star smile. We can even do cosmetic work with dentures. If it is important to you, it is important to us. At your next visit, feel free to talk to your dentist about any potential concerns you have.

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