Restorative Dentistry

Teeth can break a hundred different ways but we can fix them. Not only can we fix them, but we can even make them look like they were never broken.

This can be done with white or silver filling material. It also can be done with porcelain or gold. It depends on your wants and needs. If your front teeth are broken down and discolored, they can be repaired with veneers or bonding.

There are so many options available to improve a cosmetically challenged smile. Let us know if you have a concern because we certainly do not want to make you feel bad about anything that you were already happy with.

Sometimes teeth will hurt sporadically. Sometimes to cold, sometimes while eating. It can be momentarily severe. These are typical symptoms of teeth with vertical cracks. A diagnosis of a cracked tooth can be confirmed with simple testing in the office. The usual treatment for teeth with vertical cracks is some form of a crown to reinforce the tooth from the outside to prevent the crack from spreading down the root or into the nerve.

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