Unfortunately, there comes a time in some people’s lives when there is a need for dentures. Although this is not nearly as common an occurrence as it used to be, it still happens.

As a rule, dentures are not a good replacement for teeth. They are a good replacement for no teeth. Learning to wear a denture can be a difficult transition.

First of all, it requires that sufficient time is dedicated to making a quality denture. This involves trying on the denture multiple times with and without teeth to make sure that the smile looks natural and the bite feels comfortable. Our goal is for your denture to look like your teeth and not like your denture.

People who have a significant bone loss in their mouth or suffer from dry mouth may find it more likely to experience difficulty with wearing a denture. Your saliva is an important part of your mouth that helps lubricate the denture, prevent decay in any remaining teeth connected to a partial denture, and provide suction to keep an upper denture from falling out.

These people are the ones who would benefit the most from dental implants. Not only will dental implants give stability to the denture but they will also make the denture feel more like your teeth and less like a denture when chewing food.

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