Pediatric Dentistry

Here at Eureka Dental Group, we love children of all ages. Children should have their first dental visit by their first birthday. This first visit includes a lap exam and discussion of proper oral hygiene for a child to help prevent frequent visits to the dentist. Most children are able to have their teeth cleaned at the dental office by their 3rd birthday.

In our office, we use “tell, show, do” to help children feel comfortable with dental visits. It is a very effective tool to ease anxiety. It consists of telling the child what we will do, showing them what we will do and then doing it. This type of behavior control helps to minimize the need for children to undergo sedation for their dental treatment.

We recommend when speaking to your child about the dentist that you emphasize how good it is to have clean teeth or to get rid of cavity bugs. By focusing on how much “it won’t hurt” or “is not scary” inadvertently causes children to question why we are focusing on that. This then helps to lead them to be afraid of their dental visit. By focusing on the positive, it helps children to connect their dental visit with good things which ultimately will the lives of the parents easier.


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