Smile Advantage Plan

What is the Smile Advantage Plan?

Eureka Dental Group proudly offers the Smile Advantage Plan for patients, which strives to provide quality care at a budget-friendly price. Don’t let your perception of dental care fees or lack of employer coverage prevent you from visiting the dentist. We want to show you a different way to prevent, protect, maintain, and enhance your smile without breaking the bank.

Regular maintenance and dental care are factors that unfortunately get overlooked. Many individuals fail to acknowledge or fully understand the importance of dental exams and checkups. If you continuously neglect small oral health issues, consciously or not, you are at risk for bigger factors, even life-threatening situations.

Our family dental practice believes in providing outstanding oral health care. After practicing cosmetic dentistry for many years, we understand that different circumstances, such as lack of coverage, can leave new or existing patients in a situation less than ideal. Through the Smile Advantage Plan, patients can receive the care and attention they need from a membership-based saving plan.

How much does the Smile Advantage plan cost?

Your annual membership fee in the Smile Advantage Plan covers x-rays, exams, and cleanings. The plan not only offers routine care, but you also can receive reduced rates on other cosmetic treatments and procedures. If you want to split up the annual payment fee, call us today. Our team will work with you to create a monthly payment, which includes an initial processing fee ($35 per household).

To break down the costs associated with Smile Advantage savings, three different categories exist. The different divisions of savings plans attempt to provide the best care based on age and oral disease.

The cost for an adult is currently $299/year, which is considered the yearly membership fee. A child’s plan costs $249/year. While plans for children and adults cover the majority of individuals seeking dental care, we also offer a perio treatment plan.  The perio saving package will help treat those with periodontal disease. At $599/year, the perio plan offers up to 4 maintenance cleanings, 2 exams, and x-rays when necessary. You will also receive other savings plan inclusions offered to members.

Although these costs are subject to change, the patient is in the forefront of our mind to continue our goal of providing superior service at an affordable price.

Is the Smile Advantage Plan right for me?

Whether you’re already a patient at Eureka Dental Group or looking to make our practice your new office, the savings plan is open for you! Smile Advantage Dental Care is strictly for saving purposes. It is not dental insurance and will not work in conjunction with insurance. From exams to an emergency care visit and fluoride treatments, our plans offer a variety of services to ensure that you achieve or (and) maintain good oral health.

Start your dental care savings today!

Jumpstart your dental care and savings today by downloading the contract. The document includes mailing instructions, Smile Advantage terms, and conditions. Please read over it carefully.

If you have additional questions regarding the plans and/or other items in the contract, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Achieve your best smile, a peace of mind, and confidence boost knowing that healthy, radiant teeth are within your reach.